MSP Marketing Program

For the last few years, I’ve been working on methods and processes to really ramp up my marketing activities in ConnectWise. A lot of folks have asked me for help and advice on the best ways to market their IT business in an automated way, and I’m excited to announce I’ve put a program together to help with just that.

Before I get into the details of my new program, I’d like to explain who this is for, and what kind of time commitment it will require from you.

For starters, the methods, processes, procedures and templates I’ve put together are all geared for use in ConnectWise and take advantage of recurring service tickets, tracks, and workflows. If you’re not using ConnectWise, the materials will certainly still be valuable, but I won’t be able to help you with the automation aspects, since I’m only familiar with the best PSA solution on the market: ConnectWise.

PLEASE NOTE: ConnectWise is not involved in this program in any way, and specifically, ConnectWise hasn’t reviewed, endorsed or in any other fashion given an opinion on what I’m offering. This is a completely separate and individual effort on my part.

If you are still primarily involved in the sales and marketing function in your business, then this program is for you! If your company is large enough to have a marketing staff, chances are, you’re already doing a lot of what I’m offering.

Finally, if you don’t have at least five hours a month to invest in marketing your business, you’ll probably not be happy with the results you’ll see. While the bulk of the work is automated, there’s still some time required on your part. If you can’t commit to spending some time marketing your business, this program isn’t for you.

Here are some details on what I’m offering in the MSP Marketing 101 program:

Newsletter Service

The number one way to maintain top of mind awareness with clients and prospects is through a company newsletter. I’ve put together four different Microsoft Publisher templates than you can choose from, and each month, you’ll receive a Publisher file to prepare a printed newsletter, as well as an email version you can send through ConnectWise’s marketing manager or the iContact email service.

Article topics run the gamut from SPAM prevention tips to the best ways to protect your identity online. The idea is that the newsletter articles are interesting, informative, and will spark a conversation between you and your client or prospect. There’s no overt “hard sell” in the newsletter.

Quarterly referral campaigns

Any time I ask other IT service company owners what their number one source of new business is, the response is “referrals.” But when I ask what they’re doing to build up a continuous pipeline of referral prospects, almost always the answer is “nothing.”

My quarterly referral incentive campaigns will get your clients sending business your way, create some killer “buzz” across your client and prospect base, and incent loyal clients to keep sending you new prospects.

Monthly drip marketing campaigns

Keeping in touch with your prospects is vital! But, so is keeping in touch with your clients. Remember the saying, “If you’re not talking to your client, someone else is.”

The “Tech Tips” emails come from you and offer quick, 60 second tips to improve productivity and help your clients and prospects get the most from the IT investment – all courtesy of you, their trusted IT business partner.

Bi-monthly prospecting campaigns

I’ve built a number of prospecting campaigns that you can apply to your business. Every other month, I’m going to send you a three to six step prospecting campaign that focuses on managed services sales, managed spam and anti-virus, and specific verticals (accounting, legal, medical, etc.).

These campaigns incorporate both printed prospecting letters and emailed steps.

Monthly cross sell / up sell campaigns

Unless you have 100 percent penetration across your client base for all of your services, you have plenty of upsell and cross opportunities waiting to be tapped. If you’re offering SPAM filtering, hosted Exchange, offsite backup services, or any kind of BDR service, I’ve put together very low key/low pressure cross sell campaigns you can drop onto your clients to move along the conversation about your other services.

Twice-monthly check up phone calls

I can tell you from first-hand experience that staying motivated about your marketing is difficult, if not impossible, when you’re also working in your business. So, as part of the MSP Marketing 101 program, you and I will talk on the phone twice a month, at a time that’s convenient for both of us.

For each of these twenty minute phone calls, we’ll have a quick agenda of items to discuss, and that will help guide our future marketing work together. We’ll discuss your progress over the last fifteen days, and the plan for the next fifteen days.

“Jump Start” start-up kit

When you sign up for the MSP Marketing 101 program, you’ll also receive an IT service marketing “Jump Start” kit that includes:

– A marketing binder to keep track of all aspects of our marketing program
– Step by step instructions on building your new client welcome package
– Step by step instructions on building your prospect introduction package
– A monthly marketing calendar to keep track of the campaigns you’re working on
– A holiday-themed “thank you campaign” you can use right now to start the referral process
– Step by step instructions to put together a powerful press release program that won’t cost you anything to implement
– A completely ready to go five step marketing campaign you can use right now to introduce your firm to potential clients
– Plus four other introductory marketing pieces you can implement in your business immediately

Full disclosure

I’m still working in my own IT business every day, so expect that the campaigns and processes might be a little fluid – as I find new things that work better, I’ll be tweaking what I send you each month to maximize the value and marketing impact of the materials.

The initial group is being limited to 20 companies. I think a smaller number will work really well for collaboration on some of the campaigns.

So, there you have it: The Tom Fox “MSP Marketing 101” program outline.

I’m really excited about working with my industry peers to ramp up their marketing efforts and take full advantage of the automation features available in our PSA tool.

What’s the cost?

This was the toughest part of putting this program together… Determining what a fair fee would be for the services and materials I’m providing. After looking at similar programs in other industries, I’ve settled on the following:

Program enrollment fee: $399.00

This covers our initial 30 minute “get to know each other and your marketing efforts to date” phone call, the jump start start-up kit, and getting everything set up to work with you each month on your marketing implementation in ConnectWise.

Monthly program fee: $299.00

This covers all of the monthly services I outlined above, including:
– Your finished monthly printed newsletter
– Your finished monthly email newsletter
– Your quarterly referral campaigns
– Your monthly drip marketing campaign
– Your bi-monthly prospecting campaigns
– Your monthly cross sell / up sell campaigns
– Your twice-monthly checkup phone calls with me
– Updates to your Jump Start kit as they’re made available

In addition, your monthly program fee gives you access to my internal marketing engine for the printing and mailing of your campaign and newsletter materials. If you’re concerned about getting the newsletter and other items in the mail each month, this will definitely make your day – my staff here can print, collate, stuff and mail your materials for you each month. If you’re interested in using this service, please call or email me to discuss costs.

Also, if you sign up for email marketing services through iContact, we will upload your client and contact lists for you each month, and send out your monthly email newsletter for you each month at no additional cost.

What’s the catch?

There’s really no catch, except that I’m limiting the initial program group to twenty companies. I’m not asking for any kind of long term commitment from you, and if you’re not happy with the service I’m providing, you’re able to cancel at any time.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy – just fill out the attached program sign up form and fax back to me. I’ll give you a call to discuss the program in more detail and make sure we get you up and running quickly.

Your Jump Start start-up kit will be mailed to you on December 13, with your first call scheduled at the end of that week. My goal is to have you up, running, and marketing January 2, 2011, for the new year.

Please feel free to email me or call with any questions on the program!