Client relationships are the only truly valuable asset in your business

What’s the most important asset in your business? A lot of IT consultants might say their building, or their servers, or their tools and equipment. Some might even say their team, or their knowledge. I would argue it is none of those things. Buildings, servers, tools and equipment can all be damaged, lost or destroyed. […]

The power of 7

I don’t know why, but every copywriting book, course or discussion I’ve read says to end your pricing in a seven. For example, your Platinum Managed Services offering for servers is $397, not $399. For smaller items, they may cost $49.97, not $49.99. For some reason, seven attracts the most sales.

Tips for using pictures in your marketing

Use a caption under every photo you use in your advertising. They eye is drawn to a picture, and the area under a picture is one of the most read pieces of copy on the page. I like to make the caption interesting. Instead of “Thomas Fox, President, Tech Experts” I might use “Tom Fox, […]