Some ideas about envelopes

I have two schools of thought about envelopes. If you’re mailing to a cold list, such as a purchased list, more times than not I’d suggest a plain white envelope, plain courier font, a real stamp, and no company name on the outside. This is called the sneak up approach. The idea here is that […]

Headlines, headlines, headlines!

Always use a headline at the top of your sales letter. Never use a company logo or your name and address at the top of a sales letter. It is a “me” message and decreases response. Use a logo at the bottom of your letter, or on the last page. The exception: If you’re writing […]

Tips for using pictures in your marketing

Use a caption under every photo you use in your advertising. They eye is drawn to a picture, and the area under a picture is one of the most read pieces of copy on the page. I like to make the caption interesting. Instead of “Thomas Fox, President, Tech Experts” I might use “Tom Fox, […]